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Typical Spanish-English Bi-Lingual Ceremony

(All of our ceremonies are created with you and are designed to respect your hopes, dreams and desires. We always give the bride and groom the option of adding, changing or deleting any part they wish.)


Bienvenidos. Aqui en este lugar bonito y sagrado, en la presencia de familia y de amigos y la luz y la presencia de Dios, compartiremos esta union entre ________y________.

We have all gathered here in this beautiful setting, in the presence of God and these witnesses to celebrate the joining of this man and this woman in the unity of marriage. We are grateful we can all be together on this joyous occasion and have the opportunity to share our love and energy with the bride and groom. We know and accept that the light of God surrounds them, the love of God protects them and the joy of God fills their hearts.


Dedicamos esta ceremonia a nuestros padres y abuelos. Ellos nos han enseñado nuestros valores y nos han mostrado como reir, amar y apreciar lo que la vida ofrece. Su generosidad, apoyo y amore es sin fin.

We would like to dedicate this ceremony to our parents and grandparents. They have taught us our values and have shown us how to laugh, to love and to appreciate what life has to offer. Their generosity, support love is unending.


First Corinthians, Chapter 13 states the wisdom in which you will now use as a foundation for all the days of your life, from this day forward. “Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, and it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices in truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, and always perseveres. Love does not fail.

From John 13: Love is the central flame of the universe – the fire itself. Let your flame be a shining example of unconditional love.
And allow it to be like the ever-widening ripple in a pond, reaching and stretching further and further out, for as you extend love to your family, to your friends and to the planet, your love can only grow stronger.


Today we celebrate the miracle of love. Hoy celebramos el milagro de amor. Y para eso estamos aqui; para celebrar que los milagros ocurren en cualquier momento, lo inesperado pueded cambiar cuando menos lo esparamos, el paso de nuestra vida entera ueded camibiar.

In a moment our lives can change. _________and________ there is a special way you are together that’s just not like the way you’ve ever been with anyone else. You’ve crossed many bridges to be here today, overcome many obstacles and with each one you can look back and see, as it was in the creation when God said, and it was good. For each bridge you have crossed has made your love stronger.

Este amor especial que ustedes sienten tiene a dios como centro, pues el los ha traido a este momento, God has brought you to this moment, para usteded compromenter su amor y construir una vida juntos. Den gracias a Dio el uno por el otro. Thank God for one another El amor es un regalo. El amor es un milagro. Abran su corazon, open your heart, your hands, your eyes and allow the radiance of this miracle to utterly and endlessly illuminate you. Permitan que este milagro irradie a ustedes de su luz sin fin.


Who gives this woman in marriage?

What token do you give of your sincerity? (the maid of honor hands the Officiant the bride’s ring and takes her flowers) Bless, O God, this ring, that he who gives it and she who wears it may ever abide in Thy peace, living together in unity, in love, and in happiness, and with good purpose do Thy will. Amen. (Hand ring to the groom)

_______, the wedding ring is a perfect symbol of the on-going-ness of life and love. Please place the ring on _______ finger and repeat after me.
I _______ take you _______ to be my lawfully wedded wife. I promise to love you, comfort you, honor and keep you, in sickness and in health, for richer, for poorer, for better, for worse, in sadness and in joy, to cherish and continually bestow upon you, your heart’s deepest devotion, forsaking all others, keep myself only unto you as long as we both shall live.

(The Bride repeats the vows in her native language)


Yo ____________ te tomo _________________para ser mi esposa, para tener y sostener de hoy en adelante, para bien o para mal, en riqueza o pobreza, en salud o enfermedad, para amar y respetar, hasta que la muerte nos separe. Esta es mi promesa solemne.


At this the time _________and________ would like to symbolize their union with a Mexican wedding tradition called the Lazo, or Lasso Ceremony. ______and ______ WILL BE BOUND BY_______________________? "The lasso of rosary", symbolizes the inseparable nature of the newly married couple.

As part of the ceremony to symbolize unity, a large loop of rosary beads is placed in a figure eight shape around the necks of the couple after they have exchanged their vows. The symbolism of the lasso is to show the union and protection of marriage. Special additional members of the wedding party may be in charge of "lassoing" the Bride and Groom together after they kneel for the wedding prayer. They drape what is usually a white satin circle of cord around the shoulders of the kneeling Bride and Groom, groom's shoulder's first. The lasso may also be tied around their wrists. The couple wears the lasso throughout the remainder of the service. The loop is symbolic of their love which should bind the couple together everyday as they equally share the responsibility of marriage for the rest of their lives.

At the end of the ceremony, the lasso is removed by the couple which placed the lasso. The lasso is given to the Bride as a memento of her becoming the mistress of the groom's heart and home and shows their promise to always be together side-by-side.


Let the union of binding together of this lasso of rosary be an inspiration to you both. Remember the holiness necessary to preserve your new family can only be obtained by mutual sacrifice and love.


At this time we will do another traditional Latin ritual called, LAS ARRAS, which means earnest money or a dowry but consists of 13 coins in a bag, 1 for each month and 1 to give to charity. In exchanging these coins, _________and________ are essentially saying, LO MIO ES TUYO Y LO TUYO IS MIO, - What’s mine is yours and what’s yours is mine.” I bless these coins knowing that they are also symbolic of the unlimited good the universe has in store for this loving couple – unlimited love, joy, peace and prosperity. I accept this for _________and________ and so it is, Amen.


This circle of love is now complete. We know and accept that God’s love permeates and strengthens this holy bond and that love goes out to meet all who enter into its atmosphere.

_________and________ marriage is a most honorable estate created and instituted by God signifying the unconditional love between two hearts and also the foundation of a home being created by morals and virtues shared in this lifelong commitment to one another. _________and________ are agreeing to love one another with all of their hearts, to be one another’s only intimate companion and one another’s inspiration. It may seem like only yesterday that they started their lives together and allowed this incredible love to bloom and yet they know they were meant to be here today. Though life may not always be as perfect as it is at this moment, _________and________ vow to always keep their love as pure as it is today, promising to be there in laughter and tears, sickness and health, comfort and fears, in poverty and wealth until the end of eternity.

_________y________ aqui reunidos por la mano de Dios que nada o nadie los separe. Sean como la luz de una vela, sean la misma luz en dos formas.

In the presence of these witnesses and in the name of the Holy Spirit who performs every true marriage, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride. Ladies and gentlemen, senoras y senores, may I be the first to present _______________________.


Let us pray. Almighty Father/ Mother God, sealer of every spiritual union, we invoke thy blessing upon these, thy loving children. Bless them with purity and wisdom, fidelity and forbearance, prosperity and contentment. Let their minds be illumined with thy wisdom, their souls ignited with thy life and their bodies purified with thy love. And so it is. Amen.

Deseandoles felicidad, amor y abundantes bendiciones. Dios los Bendiga. God Bless.



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